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Sustainability policy

We are a Hotel aware of the environment it has and how important the environment is to us as a tourist destination, hence the fundamental objective of our activity is to offer the best facilities and services with the least possible environmental impact.

HOTEL MONARCA MEDELLÍN will assume a commitment to continuous improvement in the field of environmental, socio-cultural and economic management that guarantees sustainable development based on the following principles:


  1. Respect the Environment as a basic objective, developing processes and procedures that allow for the efficient use of resources, using inputs and products that minimize environmental impact.
  2. Encourage the reduction, reuse, recycling of waste in a manner that respects the environment.
  3. Rationalize the consumption of energy, water and natural resources, through energy efficiency.
  4. Periodically supervise the application and compliance with the legislation and regulations applicable in this regard, as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes, in order to prevent contamination.
  5. Maintain an Environmental Management System according to our sustainability policy, through programs and procedures, making sure to control and evaluate their degree of compliance.
  6. Participate in our Sustainable Management System for our suppliers, contractors, employees, customers and the rest of society and community, with the aim of encouraging them to acquire a responsibility in the preservation of the Environment.
  7. Awareness and adequate training of all hotel employees in a continuous manner, through courses and training programs related to the improvement of quality and the environment.
  8. Provide our clients with information related to our principles on Sustainable Development and the management we do to preserve the environment.
  9. Systematically assess the impact of hotel activity on the destination by establishing a process of continuous improvement of environmental, economic, social and customer satisfaction, based on the objectives and goals set by the Hotel Management.
  10. Evaluate and periodically update our objectives and goals, as well as review, modify and adapt our Management System to the reality of the establishment and destination.
  11. Train and raise awareness among our staff on the prevention of discriminatory practices against vulnerable populations.
  12. Implement prevention and control actions for the sexual exploitation of minors. CSEC Legislation.


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